Life is a Bitch by Asmit Rathod

About the Book:

Life has a nasty habit to become confusing and complicated at times. Kumar is not spared from this austerity of life either. The twists and turns of his life eventually push him to the edge. And being on the, Kumar is left with only two choices. 

Either, Fall or Fly.
"Life is a Bitch" tells the story of Kumar's life and the choices he makes, in most intriguing fashion; leading towards a single inconceivable truth of his life-Our lives.

Well, ofcourse "Life is a bitch", why else do you think it would be called 'Life'. Right? The author has presented an extraordinary view of Kumar's perspective towards life and how his life turns out fatal yet he decides to 'give up!' Oh yes!!

**** I received this book as a giveaway from the author Asmit Rathod  in exchange for an honest review****
Kumar is a middle-class person with needs and dreams. Now, why I mentioned needs with dreams, they are two very different phenomena yet they are interlinked with one another in every step of our lives. We need to achieve our dreams but our basic needs of family, society and self compels us to achieve the other and our little dream is packed in a box and shipped to some other century. That's painful, right... yet the truth! I believe we all must have grown up with a little packet of dreams in our head fondling with our desires but unfortunately, most of us must be stuck with something which we had entirely dis-tasted all our lives. 

We all face ups and downs of life, some deal with it and some give up. Kumar almost gave up when life gave him the first shock at work and taught him the lesson of getting used by the other for personal benefits but he broke into pieces when the love of his life left him due to her family circumstances. That incident changed him as a whole and he went away to live the life of a nomad. During his nomadic venture he experienced metaphysical change within himself and shared his experience with a stranger. Other than the stranger mentioned in this book, I was the other stranger engrossed in his perspective towards life and was desperate to reach the final 'Kumar' that was yet to come towards the end of this book. That is perhaps the reason that I finished this book by the blink of an eye. I was the journalist sitting with this random person speaking fluent English yet driving a truck of national permit and sharing his traumatic life. 

In the fast-paced life from job to home and home to job, we always forget to see what's beyond that perspective. That's why people go on holidays and then feel sick of coming back to this hectic lifestyle. Kumar took a permanent break, we all do. We all at one point quit and sit and think "I had enough, what to do next". Kumar went through a depression period where he choose an entirely different path and walked along it. In this process, he realised that life happens to you and how you deal is already assigned in destiny but whether you accept it or not is your decision.

Nicely and simply written with a twist of 'Hinglish', very rare in books these days yet very playful. After-all the emotions that could be explained in Hinglish is very impactful.

Ratings: 3.7 stars

Book Cover:
Lots of people judge a book by its book cover and when it comes to Indian market with so many books trying to catch your attention, I feel it is very important to have a catchy book cover. 'Life is a bitch' is a very fancy name and that was a reason that I decided to read this book but a fancier book cover would have been nicer supporting the fancy book title.

Ratings: 3 stars

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