The Pillar Invisible by Hari Parameshwar

**** I received a signed copy of this book as a giveaway from the author Dr. Hari Parameshwar in exchange for an honest review ****
About the Book
Eight years ago…

Mumbai: Satya, 36, IIM topper, hailed by the media as the fresh face of space-age business, quits two days after his elevation as the Group CEO of a major Indian business group. 
Hyderabad: Raja, 51, not even a matriculate, once a trade unionist, later, a well-known political pimp who built up his vast business domain from nothing, suddenly renounces everything and turns to spirituality. 
Cochin: Tom, 31, the only child of a multimillionaire, who became the sole owner of a multi-faceted business empire following the sudden demise of his father, attempts suicide.

Three individuals who have never met or known to each other.
A year later they surface, molded together as single-heart, with their new-found entity, Tasāra, branded with the logo of a pyramid supported by three visible pillars and a fourth pillar, invisible — representing someone who is potent, influential and brilliant, but prefers to remain elusive. Who is it?

That enigma has been haunting the media for seven long years. Until…now. 

The story of three men with entirely different backgrounds and perspectives towards life, coming together to form a strong bond through the path of spiritual growth was mesmerising. 

The first thing that I would suggest is that this is not one of the light read books that you can just pick and go through. This is one of those where you have to (and I mean have to!) sit back and feel the journey while the author describes the role of a human being in the society. We all grow up with a certain perspective towards life, in that journey of reaching the end we encounter numerous events and learn through various experiences. Tom (Ta), Satya (Sa) & Raja (Ra) went through their own share of experiences which lead them to various paths. After a certain stage in their lives they realise that the chosen path does not give them the happiness/mental peace they craved for. This realisation through a series of events (varying in each case) led them to meet each other. Tasāra was formed! It became the most powerful entity among all.

I feel, through the means of these three characters the author is trying to share the values of life and the role of a human being in the society. Satya, Raja and Tom are very different people yet they work together to contribute towards the society. We all are different people like them, we all have different thinking process, varying moral values and each have a contribution towards the society in their own unique way. If some are keen to take away something from the society yet they directly or in-directly contribute and if I contribute towards the society, I would definitely gain something in return. Those moral values are described through these characters.

Understand the depth of human values was a remarkable journey. The definition of the fourth pillar explains what a human being can do by being their own strength and weakness.

What I was could not comprehend about this book was the idea used behind the success of a business. Philosophically thinking; using the TRUTH to work in an ethical manner and attain success for self development as well as the development of the country. And of-course, moral development! Sounds good. At the same time my thoughts walks along the path of Tom's opinion, is it really possible? To believe in some saint giving preachings to walk the path of truth and generosity for human welfare...

Also, is it possible that three different minds come together believing in preachings and work together. Three extremists in their own dimension of functional values believing in some subconscious occurrence... this idea was a little out of my understanding. I wonder if there are people, where the concept of the fourth pillar actually EXISTS!!??!! Maybe... 

Hari Parameshwar on mystical experiences in our life

Ratings: 3.5 stars

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