Little Love

My love story began when I first saw her standing alone on the London bridge. Eyes closed, her long blond hair flowing with the wind and the beautiful soft sun kissing her cheeks, lost in thoughts. Just looking at her beautiful face and trying to read her beautiful thoughts made everything around me so peaceful. I couldn't stop myself from starring at her like a maniac; big round wide eyes open, standing still without making any sound and drooling on her beauty.

Loud, the siren honked and broke my moment of peace that I had been enjoying. She opened her eyes, her emerald green eyes shocked to see a stranger starring at her like an idiot; Act! DO SOMETHING! I told myself but my muscles froze and didn't hear my brain. She gave me a gentle smile, rode her bi-cycle and left.  
No! Wait!! I wanted to shout, but... she was gone. 

Three days went by, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. I kept dreaming of that soft smile, her beautiful lips and had completely lost my mind. Focus on your work Jacob, my boss kept shouting but how could I? My mind and heart was lost...

Slam!! "50 files, I need these reports in next 45 minutes, do you understand" shouted my boss
"Yes sir"

He slammed the files and left. OK! Let's get to work. Her hair.... NO WORK, her eyes... WORK... her smile... FOCUS FOCUS... I kept telling myself.

"Excuse me, could you please help me find the cafeteria" a soft voice asked me while I was trying hard to focus on my work. I pointed on the right without even looking. 
"My friend here has really lost his mind, cafeteria is the first door on the left. Would you like me to join you?" I heard my colleague Archur's words. Really? Am I really that lost, I lifted my head from the huge heap of files and tried to see who was she that Archur immediately offered his service. 

A white halter with denim shorts and honey-blond hair. Is it her? Is it possible?

I saw her walking away from me towards the cafeteria while Archur hung on her like a bee on a flower. I have to see who she is, but sober. Not an idiot this time. I got up from my seat and waited for them to vanish inside the left door, quickly, I rushed tothe cafeteria door and slowed down, casually entering. C'mon look at her, is it her? No, I can't look stupid by starring at her again. Act natural!

Pretending like I really need some hot coffee, I punched a button on the machine and tried to get a glance of her while she was busy adding milk to her tea. Am I dreaming? Oh my god! She is here. 

Oh No! She saw me starring again. And then she smiled. Is she smiling? My thoughts were not in my control when she said "Hi, have we met before?"

"Nope". RUNnnnnn.... I rushed out of the cafe like a cat with its tail on fire and hid my face under the files. LOSER... such a loser I am.

One Week Later...

Her name was Talia and had joined as a Marketing Manager. She was all everyone was talking about. Company profit margin had gone up by 15 percent and the clients were ready to pool in more business. Boss was happy, clients were super happy, and colleagues were super-super happy. Everyone wanted to be friends with her, she was the crown and they all were the flower petals, I was the carpet! Around her but not considered. 

Friday Morning, I wore a sea-green shirt with black denim. I looked at the mirror one last time, "today, I am going to ask her out". I barged into the office and went straight to where Talia sits. She was not there. I looked into the cafe, the breakout area, library, everywhere.. she was nowhere. Where could she be? It's 11.00, is she on a leave today? Sad with a broken heart, I went to my seat. 

Talia was sitting on my seat, talking to Archur. I felt like punching a hole through the wall, or maybe break Archur's face. Furious, I walked towards my seat... "How dare you Archur! Stay away from her! She is mine." words kept running through my mind. 

Talia saw me coming and quickly left my seat. She must be thinking such a rude person I am. She is so delicate, like a petal and my behaviour... an animal. 

"I am sorry", softly I said to her not even bothered if she heard me or not. But she did because the next thing she said to me was...

"Would you like to have dinner with me on Saturday, Jacob?"