Preeti Gupta I’ll Put 3 Chips on God – just in case there is one by Preeti Gupta

While having a quiet time with your latte, do you ever STOP thinking about the political/tedious aspects of living and THINK about the spiritual aspect of leading your life?
Do you ponder upon the existence of God? Good and bad deeds? God and the Ghost? 

Presenting to you an exclusive author interview of Preeti Gupta, the writer of I’ll Put 3 Chips on God – just in case there is one

Author Interview:

Q1: What inspired you to write a book like I’ll Put 3 Chips On God just in case?
Well, let’s see—I was getting close to my 40s, was in the middle of a divorce, and was realizing that my numerous entrepreneurial attempts were not working and I would have to return to the corporate world. That was enough for me to dive headfirst into the lap of Spirituality!

When I did, I realized that a lot of existing material is written from a “purist” point of view, i.e. the idea of Karma or Detachment is not questioned, rather the focus is on how to incorporate these concepts into one’s life. I wanted to take a step back because I was not sure whether I even believed in these ideas in the first place. So I had to do my own analysis of all that I came across. I wrote the book because I simply wanted to share whatever knowledge I’ve acquired with those who might think similarly to me.

(That is so sweet of you and we are all glad that you wrote this wonderful book)

Q2: Any exciting story you would like to share with us for choosing I’ll Put 3 Chips On God just in case  as the Book title?
Surprisingly I recall this as being the very first title I thought of, and stuck with.  Unlike the rest of my book, which had many painful re-edits and re-writes.  But both the title and the cover were done in one shot!

Q3: How would you like to describe I’ll Put 3 Chips On God just in case to someone who is non-spiritual?
The book is about Spirituality, analyzed from an agnostic point of view. I take a look at common spiritual concepts such as the Ego, the Soul, Karma, Detachment, Heaven, God, Meditation, Vegetarianism, and Astrology, and examine them from an objective, “devil’s advocate” perspective. In other words, I analyze these ideas from all angles, including the possibility that they are valid, and the possibility that they are not. I do come to some conclusions at the end of the book, but it is less about preaching and more about the use of logic when exploring Spirituality.

Q4: In this book you have shared your outlook towards the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life. If you have to briefly share your thoughts with the readers, what would that be?
I don’t think I’ve presented anything that hasn’t been discussed before, but I think this book will appeal to the skeptics out there. This is a Spirituality book for those who normally don’t read Spirituality books. Some people prefer to be in a classroom when learning. Others like online self-study. There are those who respond better to visual aids. Certain concepts take time to “click” with people, and sometimes it happens because of a certain way they are presented. I think I’ve discussed these ideas in a way that might “click” with those who are not currently being drawn in by the material already out there.

Q5: I loved your style of writing as you felt free to share your thoughts as if you were directly talking to your readers. Yet, I would like to know, were you worried about the reactions you might get while writing this book?
Not really, I figured some people would relate, and others wouldn’t.  That happens with all books, even the most popular.  I just cared that it appealed to someone, so that I would feel I accomplished something by writing my thoughts down.

Q6: Is there any other book soon coming up in the series?
I’ll only write if I feel compelled to say something. There is another book I do want to write, but I just can’t seem to find a block of time to write it properly.  I’ve noticed that I am a binge writer, I can’t simply write one hour a day, I need a few weeks in a row.

Q7: In this book, you talk about God, Karma and many such things. Is there anything you were  scared to write about?
There were certain religions – which shall remain nameless – that I hesitated to analyze.  I think it’s sad when religions intimidate people into silence and a forced belief rather than allow them to find the truth for themselves.

Q8: What books are on your nightstand?
I love reading historical fiction, like Memoirs of a Geisha.  I like learning something about different cultures or history, but through a well told story.

My favorite book was “Nectar in a Sieve” and “A Handful of Rice” by Kamala Markandaya.  Very well-written books about rural and urban life in India, the style of the author just draws you in and her books are such a pleasure to read.

Q9: Who was your inspiration while writing this book?
I grew up with the teachings of Swami Chinmayananda who was a very logical, well-spoken teacher.  I also respect what the Buddha said in terms of questioning everything, even his own statements.  It was in that spirit that I wrote the book.

Q10: What’s the question you’d most like to be asked but never have been?
None that I can think of!

Q11: You were born in Chicago and presently living in New Jersey. Would you like to share some Indian likings and/or moments and/or memories with us, if any?
Most of my lifestyle is very Indian – music, movies, food, friends!  I find it sad that India is losing its special culture and turning more into the West.  But I’m also glad to see the progress and raised standard of living for many.  However I miss the India from my childhood!

Q12: Finally, Is there anything you would like to share  with us?
I’d love to offer a complimentary copy of the EBook to your readers, downloadable at:

There are also some excerpts available to read on the site.  I am very interested in hearing everyone’s feedback, so I hope they will take the time to write me, or to post an honest review on Amazon.  It would mean a lot.

Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about the book, and for the opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences.

(Thankyou Preeti for sparing sometime for this beautiful interview session. We wish you all the best for your upcoming book and hope you write it soon God bless you! )

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