The Curse of Camp Cold Lake by R.L. Stine

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake by R.L. Stine 
When it comes to the horror stories, there is no match to books written by R.L. Stine and no matter what age you are you have to pick this book and start reading! Goosebumps always gave me the freaks, whether I was a little kid scared of the dark or an adult which I am today, I just love these little scary books. And on a depressing day as it was today, the best thing I decided was to read The Curse of Camp Cold Lake. If you are having a hardtime, read the goosebumps series, trust me you would feel a lot better!

About the Book:
Sarah is forced to be a part of a water camp called the camp cold lake, as much as she hates to be around water her brother Aaron is a fanatic for camps and water sports. 
Sarah is a reserved person yet who craves to have more friends and like every child in her adolescence age secretly wishes to be popular kid. Yet, things always turn out against her wishes and within the first few hours in the camp, Sarah ends up being enemies with her bunkmates.
Her quest to grab attention of people in a good way leads her to choose a difficult path where she almost lost her life and met Della who died in the camp. Della wishes Sarah to be her buddy while Sarah struggles to save her life and survive the ghostly attack. 

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Sarah is a 12 year old cranky little girl throwing fits and always complaining about how unhappy she is. Her character was an exact replica how most of the loner 12 year old kids are (perhaps even I was at some point). Della was a girl with pale completion and scary blue eyes haunting Sarah to be her buddy. Sarah's quest to save herself really freaks one out!

The tales of R.L. Stine always talk about a twist at the end and there was a twist in this case too. Though I was not very happy with the ending. The twist seemed a little confusing, <spoiler> Briana was one of Sarah's bunk mates. pulling pranks on her, giggling with friends and also doing water sports. Does that mean other people could see her too? Does not mean her ghost image was not exactly see through like Della?</Spoiler>

I felt the end was a intentionally a little out of proportion. But that does not stop me from being a Goosebumps fan and I would always read and re-read these books all my life. Yayy!!!

I rate this book 2 stars

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