The United States of Air: a Satire (READ TO REVIEW)

I received this book on Goodreads give-away and was totally astonished to read the kind of concept being introduced in this book. This is my first satire read and I must say it is really out of the box thinking. I really appreciate the way Mr. Porup has really broken all boundaries of experimentation with literature and created such an amazing concept.  The United States of Air is based on a global war against FAT, surviving on air alone and being proud of it. Oh well, now one doesn't have to worry about being fat anymore!

I really appreciate that the author picked up such a sensitive-topic about the democratic representation of the country and the political influence on its people. He showed the courage to give voice to the problems faced by the people either citizens or the army. The blind faith on the rules made by the government and few influential people is what we are really facing all over the world. .

Other than that what disappointed me was that this books is really very abrupt at certain stages. I believe it would have been really great if the flow of the story was more in a concise way. At certain stages the story is really elaborate and descriptive whereas at parts there is no description at all. I would have really appreciated if there was a description about the scientific way of surviving on air, that is a part i believe the story really felt very vague.

I believe it is really important to even convince your reader that it is possible to survive on air alone and provide descriptive reasons for it i.e, why we should survive on air? how is it possible? how is it good for the country's development? etc. The story didn't really convince me- though Frolick would call me a food "terrist".

**** I received this book as a giveaway from the author******
The character of Frolick was really very distressing. At one point he is a strong airitian whereas he himself faces those twinkie attacks and keeps stuffing his face with it but refuses to feed the most special people in his life, family and friend (Green), even if that resulted in loosing everything he had.

I was somehow really expecting that Frolick would manage to bring food-eating back into the lives of the American people. And that's where I went wrong, and so did all the other people who sacrificed their lives for him.

The book really needed to clarify the reason behind why exactly is the Prophet wanting to introduce the concept of eating air instead of food. With that major concept being missing from the story, it was not really very convincing for me to believe in the fact that "why we should really be living on air?"

Also, I felt that the book was really rushed towards the end. But then again these are all my thoughts about the book.  

Then again, I would like to thank the author and goodreads for the give-away and I really enjoyed the concept. It was really amazing and very fresh idea- a country to believe in eating air and surviving on it. Never thought of anything like this before!! Very interesting!!
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