Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

"Drop-dead gorgeous and Rock-God–tastic" are the best and most fun words to describe a super-super handsome boy. Ah! I just can't explain how much this book reminds me of my teenage years and the naughty little mysteries every sunrise would bring with it. I am sure at one point of time in everyone's life this moment knocks the door when you meet someone and feel 'He is the one', so perfect and made-for-me (Love at first site). Ooh! la! la!

Life of Penny changed after she went to US and met this handsome chap named Noah and since then things has not been the same. From being supported for her panic attacks to being surprised by heart-touching moments, Noah is just perfect match for Penny. Noah is handsome, funny, understands her and most of all she is not embarrassed in front of him. Just too perfect! 

Is it really possible to have a perfect love story, happy forever? 
Well! I was really hooked on this book and even started having wild dreams about what will happen next? Girl online clearly states the problems faced by every girl ditched by a friend, or hurt by a childhood crush or scorned by a lover and then gives you strength to deal with all the problems. But most of all, the strength your family can provide.

The character I love the most is Elliot! He is just truly amazing...

26.05.2015 (The present)

Life has been tragic, since the day she left my life and never turned back. I am still trying to understand what went wrong between us. She was furious over me for not complementing her over her over-priced Gucci dress she wore for a simple birthday party? Or, if she was angry because I asked her not to wear it for a birthday party? Or, maybe both? Or, was it something totally out of context?

Paromita, my wife often has this tendency to fight over issue completely unrelated to the actual reason for being pissed at me. But then it is her, and I simply can't deny the fact that I love her with all my heart. She is the most beautiful women in the world and I am very lucky to have her. 
Even during our fights, I just keep starring at her curly locks falling over her face which she would remove and try to lock it in a bun but fail, it would falling off again and tickle her nose. She was an angel in my life. And I would be lost in her while she would keep complaining about how I throw my shoes away and keep the wet towel on bed and I would just keep smiling at her...

"Are you listening to me?" she would shout to break my concentration and I would just walk over to her, embrace her in my arms and kiss her sweet little nose.
"I am sorry. I just can't resist the fact that you are so beautiful even when you are angry that I can't stop annoying you so much." And she would just melt into my arms.
What happened to all that? I kept on pondering.

Months turned into years but she never looked back. She turned me down each time I begged her to come back which eventually led to today when we are on the verge of a divorce.

"Don't do this please. Please come back." I would keep begging her while she would just ignore me and walk away. Doesn't she love me anymore? Is there someone else in her life? People keep asking me these questions but I know my Paromita, she would never stop loving me. We are childhood lovers after-all, we fought with our parents and our conservative Indian society for this wed-lock. Moreover, I have often sneaked into the corridors of our in-laws house (trespassing) and saw her wiping tears while sitting on her favourite spot besides the rose plants, I planted for her - one plant denotes each passing months of our wed-lock. By now it was an entire garden with 18 roses of different colours, except white, she just hated the colour white in roses.

Sunday was always the best day when we would spare some time from our busy schedule and go out for a date; sometimes movies, sometimes late night dinner and sometimes even long drives with various stops at street-side restaurants (dhabas).

It was a beautiful Sunday, I took her out for her favourite Shahrukh Khan and movie followed by a beautiful afternoon in the water-park followed by an evening at the street side dhaba and finally dinner at my cousin's fifth birthday. I had it all planned in my head. We would plan a date on a turn-base criteria, one sunday it would be as per my plan and the next would be her plan and so on. This time it was my plan, and this way we were able to keep the excitement and adventure in our relationship running. 
Everything was perfect, she was super happy and during our beautiful evening while having delicious paneer (cheese) parantha we were planning to take our relationship to the next step by adding a member to our little family. I am not sure but it felt like there was something on her mind, she seemed lost in thoughts while discussing the perspective. But inspite questioning, she just smiled and I preferred to let the topic go.

(The Past)

I was 24, and had always wanted to tell Paro how I feel for her. There is something very breath-taking about asking the person you love to marry you. We have been in love since we were little kids but we never disclosed our feeling towards each other.

Paro and I always felt an untold spark and never really felt the need to disclose our love and by the time we were prepared to disclosed it to her, I straight-away asked her to marry me. That was the happiest day of my life.

"Altaf, I was born to marry you" was her answer before I could even clearly put the question in front of her.

But our love was not enough to marry each other, we needed our families to agree. When you are madly in love, it is very easy to manipulate a women; either you can ask her to run away with you or you can support her to convince her parents. I never believed in running-away, that is not what my father taught me, so I stood by her side. Paro being from a high-class South Indian brahmin was not even allowed to talk to me anymore and my parents were totally over me with emotional death blackmails; we will die but never see your face/ you will never get our blessings/ allah will punish you, were the common ones. My ears had grown out of such curses.

Our entire community was against us when one renowned sufi, explained my parents "we are all sons and daughters of allah, do not discriminate the child like that. Besides, he is your only son." I remember he went on for an hour and I don't know what happened afterwords but my parents were convinced. I thanked him and promised to visit dargah and thank allah for such change in my parents mind.

But, Paro's parents were not ready to understand.

After years of fight and convincing them about the long life of our marriage, finally they agreed.

It was a beautiful day and the marriage was solemnised as per both Hindu and Muslim rituals. We had a terrible fight and we won it! Our love won it!

And now we lost it... (Continued)

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