Sky Ghosts: All for One by Alexandra Engellmann

To my mom, who will kill me real fast
when she finds out what I’ve really been doing all these yearsinstead of getting married and having children
 who will always be my kind of superhero
**** I received this e-book as a giveaway from Goodreads Author Alexandra Engellmann in exchange for an honest review******
Firstly, I love the quirky little message the author has used to addressed her mother. **Very Cute**

About the Book:
I am still trying to comprehend it in my head, "what just happened?'. 

(Spoiler alert)
Pain and Chad got together (I was expecting that at some point, but she would melt like that?), Jerry was missing and no-body really cared (I mean seriously??!!), Peter (the head of such a powerful institution) got injured so easily and decided to hide himself along with other fighters?, Eugene died under shock of surprise attack by Chad (ain't he like some super powerful person with brains and skill to counter-react to such surprise attacks?) ... I don't know!! What just happened?

Firstly, this book is a masterpiece in terms of describing the surroundings and situations. While reading this book, I could actually feel the couch (as described) as if I was sitting on it, the fighters fighting in front of me, heads flying away, blood spattered all over the walls, lamp and chairs broken, and so on? I love the details, the way this book was described but at certain instances I felt so much description was not required. The visualization was amazing! Superb!! No doubts, but there were disadvantages as well i.e, I felt the actual story was lost somewhere between the details i.e, too much information about how the room looked or how Jane or Pain were sitting/yawning or which leg/hand was where when they were yawning. I had really started loosing my patience to carry forward...

I don't know, I am confused on writing this review. I read so many reviews where people actually loved this book and writing such wonderful things and here I am feeling, did I miss something? 

Secondly, from whose perspective was this book written- Dave/Pain/Jane/Chad... everyone? Of-course, it was well-written but when I read, I feel there needs to be a connection between the characters and the reader. I could not relate to any character and felt a link missing. Laugh when they laugh, feel the anger when they are angry, feel the pain when they are in pain... that did not happen!

I love the fact that this book is not based on some numb-head love story which I thought it would turn out to be. It's very precise, beautifully described. I love the way Pain was presented- a strong women by heart yet so fragile. As a matter-of-fact, all the characters in this book are incredible- Marco, Skull, Pain, Jane, Dave, Chad, Peter... everyone. My favorite characters were Marco and Skull (though they are not the lead), yet they hold onto important roles in the book and add a little humor and suspense on the plots at various instances.

The action involved in this book was thrilling and I loved the 'flying of heads' parts. The plot was always full of surprises and hard to comprehend.

Unfortunately, I am not very happy with the story neither did I expected the ending to be so abrupt. Happy endings are always my favorite thing about reading a book but I was probably expecting more than how it all finally ended. 

I rate this book 2.5 stars.

About the cover:
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