The Magic (The Secret)

Borrowed from College Library
I just love the idea of 'Sprinkling magical dust' on everyone and on everything. Having a grumpy day? "Sprinkle", Not able to finish work? "Sprinkle", Eating spinach and corn (eeh!!)? "Sprinkle", Bored at home? "Sprinkly-sprinkle"... Just Sprinkle...

The Magic (The Secret) by Rhonde Byrne
Dedicate 28 days to this book and feel the magic... This is what I felt while I was progressing with each day. This book consists of chapters, each dedicated to a life changing moment and if you ask me, if it works? Yes, it does!

The magic will not happen in one day, or two days time; and at times I did feel, what rubbish! But I personally assure you, this book does the magic.

It gives you the positive energy that is lost somewhere in the busy schedules of our lives. If you want something and it just isn't happening, follow the steps, it will lift-up your spirit to make it happen or to understand the reason behind the failure so you can solve it; either way it will work.

Sprinkle the 'magical dust' on everyone
In our hectic lives we often undergo situations where we loose hope, but a little bit of positive energy within ourselves can be the reason to keep moving. 

Few simple steps (briefly describing):

  1. Think positive
  2. Every situation that we think is terrible/horrible/without hope, try finding the good things even in those cases. It would be difficult to find, but not impossible and the bright side will give you hope.
  3. Thank everyone and everything. Every morning, I thank the boy who serves me tea, the shopkeeper who gives me my groceries, the guard who takes care of my care and it gives me more satisfaction and the person I am thankful to...
  4. If something is not happening and you desire to make it happen, visualise like a magician and sprinkle some magical dust on your desire. It will give you the positive energy you were looking for to make it happen.
And so on... you have to read and follow step-by-step to understand better. I feel satisfied and happy. I wish you good luck and all the best with more bright shine in your lives...

This book is beyond any rating.
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