Eden's Ore Revelations by B. V. Bayly (Book-2)

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After reading the first book 'Eden's Ore Secrets', I was desperate to start with the second one in the series. First few chapters of the book and I ran like a race-horse, reading and reading... biting my nails off!! And then <Spoiler Alert> Gabriel turned 'Selfish'! What??  I felt heart-broken and wanted to stop! Could I? Naah!! Never!! I had to know, does our hero really just stop fighting for good? Will he really turn his back over others who need him? His god-father Nate?... lots of questions in mind.

Be prepared, this book will give you lots of questions and you have to wait for them to be answered. That's the P.O.P of this book.

The best thing about this book that the suspense never ends, even if certain plots are predictable yet there is an uncertainty. Unlike the first book, Eden's Ore Revelations is a little slow paced. At the same time there is a saying, 'Good things come to those who wait'. 

It can push back the darkness.
Fight off the fear.
Give you strength when you have none.
In hope we find our true selves.
The ones that can change the world.

Eden's Ore Revelations is an action-packed novel with sweet-little drops of unexpected romance and a little family-drama. 

In book-1, Gabriel was fighting T.E.R.A and putting an end to the problems created by them. In this book, he realises that what he did back there, which almost took his life was just the beginning... This thought teared him apart and he looses hope. His desire to begin what he has lost in the past (his family), he undergoes a change of mind, but does he really change? 

The Action
"Gabriel was enraged. He twisted on the ground, his fists tightening. He slammed them against the rock floor, and they burst into a fiery white glow of energy, shattering the floor...."
Woohoo... there you go! Hit that, Yay!! Super-thrilling fight scenes. I just loved reading them the most, they were so spontaneous that you could actually visualise the entire fight right in front of you. The words chosen were so accurate and neat. Very Super-natural!
I felt the action scenes actually provided the acceleration where the plot went on a slow-pace. 

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The Romance and Family-Drama

Well, <Spoiler Alert> I did not expect Nate would fall in love with someone, that too an Ore User. <Twinkling Eyes> So, Cute!

Nate, the character of a Godfather to Gabriel was a strong man who has always sacrificed his happiness for Gabriel and his family. But every tough men have a soft side. This book talks about real human emotions; what a soldier could feel on the battle ground either for his family or his lover. Gabriel, who wishes to start a family which he could never have, yet his inner-gut would not allow him from saving mankind. Other Ore-users who have undergone the pain of torture, they can't control their emotions when they see such torture on others. 

Every character has a background associated with them and a role that they play in this book. The characters are beautifully described and appropriate at the instances where they were supposed to be put. 

The Plot

Sadly, this book will not answer all your questions. Adin, Gabriel's brother is still a big question mark. Gabriel's decision is slightly under the mist of emotions, yet strong enough to save mankind. Will Dominus be able to recall his past? Ah! It's frustrating yet exciting that there is another part where I have to find my answers.

The story yet revolves around the powerful organisation T.E.R.A who capture ore-users and torture them to recharge ores and save man-kind in their own inhuman ways. The horsemen who are the super-powerful villains who control T.E.R.A and intend to convert all ore-users and start a new beginning. The Church, who still believe that ore-users should be dead but have lost their strength to the horsemen and have been engulfed with corruption. Finally, we have the ore-users who are limited in numbers and need more people to fight the black-ore users and T.E.R.A. 

So, this book is more like a closed door. You will not find your answers in it, perhaps read the third one! It builds-up the questions in your mind and leaves you with possible guesses until you read the next in series. 

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I guess until then I have to wait for my answers. 

Regarding this book, I would only suggest have some patience with certain plots because at times it does feel that things are just not happening, its very slow and when will we reach the end... But, that feeling is also the reason as we feel impatient to reach the end and our impatience makes us feel that the book is slow paced. Well, that's what I went through and am sharing the same with you. 


There are lots of loose ends with no answers to them in this particular book. That creates impatience, which was good at certain times but as there is no sequel to this book at the moment it also creates a drawback. I am hoping to read the next part soon...

Just hold your breadth, take some time and see what happens!! Enjoy reading.

Book Cover:
For me the cover is a simple-sober representation of what the book talks about. The Book Cover depicts "the power is in my hand (as an ore-user), i.e, Gabriel was aware of the power he possessed; but was he able to use it? Or was his power only a representation to show others...

I rate this book 4.5 stars. 

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