Johnny Fracture by Waheed Ibne Musa

**** I received this e-book as a giveaway from the author Waheed Ibne Musa in exchange for an honest review ****
‘Johnny Fracture’, needless to say it was a thrilling experience reading this book. I had my hot coffee ready, my laptop open (as my genuine intention was to work), and some caramel pop-corn (just-in-case).

About the Book: 
An anonymous poor old man living in beggarly condition with his loyal dog, gets himself into an unfortunate situation facing criminals and gangsters. A man who wanted nothing but a simple living condition and little-bit of happiness in his life, ends-up with tragic circumstances and tough times. An unknown man in the present but a ferocious name from the past with power in his fist serves justice for his loved ones and never loses hope of survival. The beauty of this book was the unexpected-twisted plots. SUPERB!!  

Though I have to confess, I wasn't happy in the beginning and felt a little dragged while progressing ahead; life of an old man and a bunch of criminals seeking revenge by taking away the life of a dog didn't create the spark in my eyes, it felt a little out of place and quite unnecessary.

Yet, as the book progresses the story line captured my attention, I couldn't put the book down afterwards. And my coffee went from steaming hot to icy-cold.

Characters: Characters play a very significant role for me. While I read a book, I feel the ‘multiple personality disorder’ occurring in my head and I myself become the character. I believe that happens with every bibliophile. Right?

In this book, each and every character was strongly put across; each one had a valid role implemented for their existence. None were irrelevant and were interestingly a part of the complicated plots. Enjoyed reading all of them!

With magnificent writing skills and wonderful characterisation, this author has created another level for the upcoming writers. 

As I have always mentioned that I enjoy reads which have a happy ending, after-all books are the only escape yet this particular book without an actual happy-ending touched my heart.

Book Cover:  I desperately hope the one right now is temporary. 

RATING: 4 Stars smile emoticonsmile emoticonsmile emoticonsmile emoticon

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