The Curse of Brahma (Krishna Trilogy #1) by Jagmohan Bhanver

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The Curse of Brahma (Krishna Trilogy #1) by Jagmohan Bhanver

The man who became a Brahmarishi...
The curse that banished him to the hell of hells...
And the revenge that threatens to destroy the three worlds...

When Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, banishes his star pupil from Swarglok in a fit of rage, he does not foresee that his decision will alter the fate of the three worlds. Mortally wounded, and anguished at Brahma's unfair punishment, his pupil struggles to survive in Tamastamah Prabha, the hell of hells. In time, he becomes the Dark Lord, the most feared figure in Pataal Lok, who swears to destroy Brahma.

The power of the Dark Lord soon begins to make its presence felt in the mortal world. Vasudev, the brave prince of Bateshwar, becomes the hunter of Asura assassins; his closest friend, Kansa, almost dies while trying to save his sister from a group of deadly monsters; and the most valiant kings in Mrityulok turn over to the dark side, driven by forces beyond their control.

Only one person threatens the Dark Lord's well-laid plans - Devki, the beautiful princess of Madhuvan, who is destined to give birth to the warrior Krishna.

Will the Dark Lord allow Krishna - the person who has been prophesied to destroy him - to be born?

Truly speaking books on Mythology  is not my cup of tea, yet I decided to opt for a review for this book because I loved the book cover.  I have a thing for fancy book covers and I am happy that I decided to pick this one.  (though I do recommend 'not to judge a book by its cove' **wink**
Book cover ratings: 4.5 Stars

On a generic aspect, I am not a strong believer of God and their super powers though I am convinced at the power of self-believe which we call the 'power of the universe'. And this book provides a stronger push to my thoughts and believes. We received our knowledge on gods and evil from our upanishads and puranas, right!! So, what if they were books which were written based on a character with a little fiction added to the tale and from one person perspective, down the line after 100 years we believe them to be true. Like the Sherlock Holmes series, people are still under the influence that perhaps he did exist. How about after a decade when one  would read 'The curse of Brahma', and say perhaps this is the truth and the author has witnessed it. You never know!!

This book presents a complete new perspective to what our mythology has taught us throughout our lives. There are always two sides of a coin and we always choose to believe in what suits us and never consider the aspect on the other side, shan't we consider the tails sometimes as well? Why choose always heads? Evil can also have a reason for being evil, one doesn't just turn evil without any reason.

The characters portrayed are strong, impressive at the same time dramatic in its own unique way. I am mesmerised by the character of the Dark Lord, though I have hated this character all my life afterall that's what we have been taught, right!! to hate the evil!!

Certain instance, the plots seems a little confusing yet it was wonderful to explore the various aspects and the truth behind each and every character.

Very nice read. Waiting eagerly for more books in the series.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars

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