Friendship Love And Killer Escapades (FLAKE) by Pankaj Giri, ApoorvWanikar

**** I received this e-book as a giveaway from the author Pankaj Giri in exchange for an honest review ****

Book Blurb: 
Prakash Bharti: a shy, self-effacing, spiritually-inclined simpleton from Gangtok; Purvesh Shroff: a cocky, strapping young lad from Mumbai; Richa Malhotra: a sweet, vivacious girl from Bangalore; Anand Kumar Rajput: a mysterious, enigmatic personality from Jharkhand. 

Friendship, Love and Killer Escapades (FLAKE) is a captivating story, primarily revolving around four protagonists pursuing engineering courses in a run-of-the-mill institute in Bangalore. The story encompasses a unique, intriguing, realistic love plot between Purvesh and Richa, numerous escapades, and thrilling adventures. Throughout the four-year roller-coaster, the academic and personal fortunes of the chief personas fluctuates à la the great Indian stock market! 

What impact will the inscrutable character, Anand, have in the lives of Prakash and the other protagonists? Will Purvesh and Richa succeed in sustaining their relationship over time? Will Prakash be able to transcend the stage of infatuation and eventually fall in love? What predicaments will Prakash and friends encounter in the academic journey? Read more to find out. 

FLAKE: Memories (Sweet treats)
In our fast-paced lives of office to home and home to office, rarely do we get the opportunity to recall the most happening moments of our lives. Often, we would sit and talk to new-friends/colleagues about how exciting our school and college years were yet rarely do we take the initiative to stay in touch with the people who influenced our lives to the greatest extent.

FLAKE: Friendship Love And Killer Escapades, is a reminder of those memories. I am far-far away from an engineering background or any technical influence for that matter, but I believe such experiences occur in everyone's lives in one way or the other. Everyone has had a friend who betrays yet you remain friends till the end, the patient little heart-broker, the one in relationship, the one who is witty, and so on. That's a part of life to have such characters in our lives, matter of fact, in someone's own version I am a character too. 

Flake reminded me of my beautiful memories and happenings with my mates and buddies I would cherish for a lifetime. It was beautiful reading through each chapter and a mini-chapter within each chapter, which does not bore you and leaves a sweet taste even of the bitterest memories. After-all that was a part of life and today when I think about those times, they do bring a smile across my face. 

I thank the author for such a sweet treat of memories.

My Review:
Flake talks about friends, who went through different situations in their lives while studying in college together. It talks about their friendship, lust, love, enmity and exciting adventures. The ups and downs faced together and cherishes those memories through chapters and sub-chapters.

The story was presented in a narration style and every character was given equal importance briefly talking about their lives and experiences. Generally, I enjoy reading books which are from the aspect of one character, that helps me relate to the character on a personal level and gives a whole new experience of reading. In this case, that was a void that I felt though the short stories kept the enthusiasm running.

(A) Language of the BOOK:
Seriously, What is wrong with you?

The solitary aspect intensifying its commerciality was a resplendent bakery entitled Shantana Bakery. An enormous, rectangular hoarding encompassing the bakery name was hoisted atop the sweetshop - bedecked with glittering, incandescent lights.

I have never encountered a novel with such intricate language as if writing a English Honours  paper with Shakespeare skills. I was initially a bit surprised at the style but with the progressing chapters, got used to the writing style. Though, I would not suggest it for light-read novels like this one. 

Other than that, there were cases where I just couldn't quite comprehend the choice of words:  
"Yes," Richa ejaculated without pondering. (can't stop laughing, really!!)

(B) The plot and the characters:
The short stories (Chapter within a chapter) was the strongest point of the book and in-spite of the briefly described characters they were fun to read. 

(C) Book Cover:
I am not entirely convinced with the street and day-night connection with the book. There are way too many elements on the cover and does not quite justify the story. As interesting a name chosen for the book, FLAKE needs a simpler cover to balance with the long name.

I rate this book 2.5 stars.

Read the author's review on FLAKE. I had a good time reading his review, hope you enjoy the same.

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