Fifty shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of 'F***d-up' Grey; I think the author intentionally removed the 'F' word. I am aware this book is a trilogy and writing a review based on Part-I of the entire story is not utterly fair. But, I believe that each book is contained with a certain length of the story with a curiosity question left in the minds of the readers, which in this case I felt was...
"will Ana sign the contract or leave Christian Grey?"

Fifty Shades of 'F***ed-up' Grey
Throughout the book the only thing I got was "leave him Anastasia, he is such an arse!"

So, I would be writing this book just based on what I felt after reading the first part, I assume the intention of Part-I was 'hate Christian Grey and feel pity towards Ana Steel'. And if so, the author has succeeded really well!! 

Part-I (Fifty Shades of Grey)
Christian Grey is a super hot, dashing, smart, sexy millionaire with everything he wants in life- from a successful business to whoever he wants to sleep with. Whereas, Anastasia Steele is an average looking girl with no boyfriend experience at all and ends up meeting Christian Grey; Greek-god of good-looks. And that's all you need to go bonkers!! She goes mad for this guy and so does he... does he? Really?

And so this maniac love between the two ends-up into being a Sex-novel. They make mad-sex and in-between those sensual moments we have two confused people who are not able to figure-out if they wants love/sex or maybe its just Ana who is confused; even I can't be sure, you know!! Well, Christian Grey is caring, sweet, soft-spoken person but at the same time he is very ruthless and tough when it comes to his desires in bed. He has dark memories from the past which compels him to avoid feeling the 'feeling called love'.

Part-I of this trilogy is based a dominant male character who is a total control freak and intents that his every partner should become his submissive without any objection. His desires are weird and as per him has to be fulfilled. The word 'no' does not exist in his dictionary. And Christian's good looks drags Ana into his submissive trap; this makes me angry! Like Super-angry!! 

Beware, you would hate Christian Grey when you read this book. He is a very male dominating characters and compels you to either stop reading or tear the book into pieces. But just because one can never tear their books, you are compelled to read further just with the hope that "please Ana, back-off".

As of now, I rate this book 2 Stars and would never recommend anyone to read it. It's a complete mental torture and portrays a negative effect in the minds of the reader. I feel the only reason of such popularity was the sensual descriptions of the private-intimate lives of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel. Rest its a complete waste of time...
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