Eden's Ore Secrets by B. V. Bayly (Book-1)

**** I received this e-book as a giveaway from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review******
Mind-blowing!! Amazing!! Superb!! Fantastic!! I can go on and on with words to define this book. Eden's Ore Secrets (Book-1), is a fantastic combination of suspense, thriller, horror, soft-humour, excitement, and every-word that comes to your mind. I had my eyes poked-out, heart stopped beating and nails almost gone from my fingers!! 

Eden's Ore Secrets is the story of Gabriel and his father's discovery- 'the ores'. The magical element found at the core of our planet sustains powerful energy to which human can bind themselves and become super-human. Gabriel is one of them who accidently got bonded with the most rarest ore- the white ore. His father worked for an organisation named T.E.R.A, who discover these ores and perform experimentations for the benefit of the human-kind (there is of-course another side of the coin too). Gabriel had lost his father to this organisation and resented it from the bottom of his heart. 

After getting to know more about the horrible organisation 'T.E.R.A' which had killed his father and taken away his brother, Gabriel decides to help himself with the ore stuck in his chest. Gabriel's quest to save mankind, to find his brother and to walk on the path his father chose, consumed me and I feel one just can't stop reading...

I find this book really fast-paced and each instance/each paragraph is very important. One just can't miss-out on any single detail. Each plot has a connection within itself and each situation gets very well encrypted in one's head. I could actually feel like an entire movie running in front of me while I was reading this book.

The concept of Eden's ore and the meaning behind the name, the uses and misuses of the ore, the human torture in the name of saving mankind, the groups of people involved to discover the secrets of the ores- the gangsters, the involvement of the church, scientists & their experiments, the government's involvement; negative and positive uses of the ores, secret labs... WOW!! I felt like I was either reading a Dan Brown novel or watching a James Bond movie. I feel B.V. Bayly is the upcoming Dan Brown in the field of sci-fi writings.

The Characters:
Gabriel, Adin, Nate, Dr. Cymru... very strong characters with a strong purpose in the story. The activities of the  characters were appropriate of their age and even among the serious plots, Gabriel had a humorous side to lighten the heaviness of the situation.
Adin being a person who was brain-washed since his father died, was a perfect example of how people can be misguided no matter what age you are. And his blind trust on greedy Dr. Cymru made him face the consequences. 
Nate was a very heart-warming character, but I felt was a little superficial. Dr. Cymru was the perfect villain, the best character among all. I enjoyed reading the way he came to his end.

I love books with hidden meanings, logical explanations for every occurrence
, secret revelations, appropriate descriptions and this book was all of them. Even after reading, I have questions and I am enthusiastic to find my answers in the next one...

I rate this book 5 stars.

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